The Indo-Pacific: Economic Opportunities and Security Risks (Taiwan, North Korea, South China Sea)

  • 13. listopadu 2023
  • místnost č. 2.56 (2. patro), Katedra asijských studií FF UP, tř. Svobody 26, Olomouc

The Indo-Pacific, spanning from the east coast of Africa to Asia and the Pacific Islands, is economically the most dynamic region in the world. 60% of the world population produces about two third of the global GDP. Four of the EU’s top 10 trade partners are located there, and one third of the EU’s overall trade passes through the South China Sea. However, the Indo-Pacific does not only offer economic opportunities. There is the is the risk that regional hotspots could become global conflicts. In this lecture, three hotspots will be discussed in detail, namely the China-Taiwan tensions, North Korea’s nuclear threat potential and the territorial disputes in the South China Sea, a globally important trade route. Also addressed will be which contribution the European Union could make to resolve these conflicts.

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